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Could You Be A Spy?

On our final museum visit we went to the International Spy Museum. This museum was the I was personally looking forward to the most and it definitely did not disappoint! The museum had an a different and amazing way of telling their story and getting their main ideas across to the public. We have unintentionally adopted another theme for our seminar being “guided serendipity” but no one did it quite like the International Spy Museum. Every twist and turn you followed in the museum lead you to some type of new discovery, surprise and learning opportunity. ┬áThe spy museum was able to teach the visitors that it isn’t as easy as it looks to be a spy though different interactive features like the air duct challenge and observation games. In addition, the museum had multiple spots for you to try and decode messages which were especially challenging. In a way it challenges the visitor to test their skill while teaching them along the way, most of the time without the visitor realizing it.

In addition to being able to explore the museum and do the interactives we were able to see the insight into the goals of the museum as well as the plans for the new International Spy Museum building that is in the works. This new space will allow much more depth and opportunities not available to the museum before. In addition they can incorporate a lot of the visitor feedback to ensure better return results at the new location. We even got to do a small assignment and provide our feedback to them. For the assignment we were to find an exhibit we liked or disliked and provide our ways to make it better of promote it more.

Above is picture of the exhibit I found fascinating (excuse the glare, it was impossible to get a photograph without them). This was a replica of the Great Seal of the United States that was given to a U.S. ambassador by Soviet school children. He displayed this seal in his office for over ten years before it was discovered that there was a bug in it. This object tells a unique story that in the world of espionage no one can be underestimated.